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After Bethel China’s sustained success with our foster care, education and medical programs for orphaned Chinese children whom are blind and visually impaired (Operating since 2002 with thousands of lives positively impacted), Bethel launched a second country project based in the Philippines to help provide educational initiatives to children without accessible resources. These initiatives help provide specialized education to children living in trash slums, children who need specialized therapies, and now supporting again a vulnerable population in the young girls receiving services at El Rancho. 

Through conducting educational initiatives in the Philippines, Bethel became aware of a shelter named El Rancho’s and their pressing needs to further their education program. 

El Rancho is a much needed place of safe shelter, where young female survivors rescued from trafficking have a safe place to heal and recover from the trauma and abuse of their past. The shelter is based is based in Cebu, which tragically has among the highest incidences of child trafficking. To accomplish this, the organization partner’s with local law enforcement and international NGO’s. As raids/rescue operations are conducted the children are brought to the shelter so that they can have a safe place to grow and heal.  


To support El Rancho, The Bethel Foundation provides leadership training and educational support to their school. Through your support, Bethel will expand El Rancho’s school program by adding specialized full-time teachers to support the growing educational need for the project’s 35+ young, vulnerable girls that are supported. El Rancho utilizes an educational program called the REAP program. This specialized curriculum gives children with no previous educational experience, the opportunity to get their first educational experiences with the chance to graduate and receive their GED equivalent. 


By graduating through the REAP program, it gives these children a life changing opportunity for a fulfilling, new life, which at its core is Bethel’s vision for all vulnerable populations.

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