About the Foundation

Bethel Foundation was originally called "Rite of Passage Ltd", which was created by Ms Cheng Hong Ting who has 25 years experience in foster care work in Hong Kong.  Upon meeting Guillaume & Delphine Gauvain and hearing their plan to open a home for children who are orphans and visually impaired in China, Ms Cheng decided to partner with them and changed the name of the foundation to "Bethel Foundation Ltd". Guillaume & Delphine opened the foundation's first project in China in 2003, in the Philippines in 2012 and the USA in 2018.  

It is registered in Hong Kong as a non profit charitable organization #692676, with tax exempt status #91/5836

For a more detailed look at our vision, mission, goals and objectives please download this Pdf.  

Our board of directors:

Ms Cheng Hong Ting
Mr Lee Man Kit


From its humble beginnings in China, where the Gauvains took three blind orphans in their home, Bethel China has now grown to a leading non-profit organization in the visually impaired sector, employing over a hundred staff and running 5 projects reaching out to thousands of children and care givers dealing with visual impairment.   Now with its own board of directors and local management , the project in China is making progress towards independence, under the leadership of the Bethel Foundation.  

The Philippines

In 2012 Delphine and Guillaume decided to relocate to Cebu, Philippines to start a second project under the umbrella of their foundation.  S.P.A.C.E (Special People Accessing Creative Education) was born.  At its core is the desire to empower other organization to reach the people they seek to help.  

Given the many natural disasters that also hit the island, the Foundation gave a hand with relief programs. 

Arizona, USA

In 2017 Guillaume and Delphine moved to Prescott, AZ. They were approached to take over an art school project called Volante Academy of the Arts.  They are planning to open the academy in 2018. 


Delphine and Guillaume launched the "Project Butterfly" designed to coach other visionaries, entrepreneurs, pioneers, anyone wanting to turn a dream into reality.  

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